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In consideration of Pacific Corporate Realty Ltd entering into discussions relating to the possible acquisition of an interest in a business, by clicking 'Subscribe' I Hereby Agree as follows:
1.    To treat as totally confidential the identity of each business quoted to me and any details as to its operation  or financial accounts.
2.    Not to disclose the identity of any details of the operation or financial accounts to any third party(except my  Accountant or legal advisor who shall agree to respect this requirement for confidentiality) unless expressly authorised in writing by the Vendor or his agent.
3.    Not to make an approach to any Vendor of any business quoted to me by Pacific Corporate Realty, or its staff, customers, or suppliers without prior arrangement with Pacific Corporate Realty Ltd and to refer all queries through the said agent.
4.    That all information is received for no other purpose than the evaluation of the investment potential of the  business.
5.    If I decide not to proceed with the investment, I agree to return to Pacific Corporate Realty Ltd immediately  all written information supplied by it and retain no copies.
I have filled in all required information correctly and accept the above conditions and authorise you to add me to your database of buyers to which you send out newsletters and other business information: